Sunday, August 24, 2014

'Suge' Knight, 2 others shot at Chris Brown's VMA party

We don't know why Suge Knight was at Chris Brown's party, because it seems like wherever he goes, there is trouble.  However, Knight was not the only one shot, there were two other people and all three are expected to recover from injuries.  Now, we wonder why did this party turn violent?   

One of the main reasons in our opinion, is that the phase of hip hop/rap should now come to a close.  Since both genres existence, there has been violence to follow and many people lose their lives before their time.  Just look at the case that just happened in Northern California at Wiz Khalifa's concert, a 38-year old music promoter was shot to death back stage (read our previous article).  It's a very dangerous business.  If we expect for black people to start living long lives, the best solution is to end hip hop and rap music.  Now, you may say it's not the music, it's the people, but we beg to differ with you, there are evil spirits behind the music and we're not crazy most music artists have sold their sold to the Devil, we're not specifically talking about Chris Brown, but many others.

Chris Brown's VMA party turns violent; 'Suge' Knight, 2 others shot

By Alan Duke, CNN

Los Angeles (CNN) -- Gunshots inside a celebrity-filled Sunset Strip party hosted by Chris Brown wounded three people early Sunday, a Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department spokesman said.

Former rap mogul Marion "Suge" Knight was among the wounded, a sheriff's deputy...Read full article, here.


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