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Welcome to our blog, The Hip Hop Examiner.  Our goal for this blog is to share historical information about some of the greatest legends of hip-hop and rap on a spiritual level.  Also, we realize that hip hop is a separate genre, to a certain degree it blends with rap of this era.   We will go back to the early days when it was political hip hop and to this present age.  If you are not a God-fearing person, then The Hip Hop Examiner is not for you, but if you believe in God and recognize that Satanic forces lured many souls into idolizing hip hop music and its artists, then this blog is for you.  We will reveal the loss of various legendary rappers and why some of them educated the youth, but the danger of how we have gotten away from it.

Why are we losing so many African Americans?  There are many black people whom have lost their lives, after living their lives idolizing hip hop and not worshiping God and we are seeing a lot of that in today's average black church.   Therefore, we will discuss the dangers of hip hop within the black church and why many souls could be in danger of hell.   Jesus Christ wants us to worship only him, no one and nothing and within the black church hip hop and rap has become the center of attention instead of our dear Savior.  

What are black people learning from hip hop music today?  There is a danger of many African Americans not using their intelligence and mostly focusing on hip hop and/or rap, which cannot save them.   Most of the time, they are listening to certain music and certain demonic spirits began to enter their minds and souls and so many of them lack focusing on becoming successful outside of that industry.   If you desire not to die without ever focusing on being the person God made you to be, take heed and always visit The Hip Hop Examiner, so you can obtain useful knowledge.

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