Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Living victim in Cle Sloan hit-and-run case told police he assaulted Suge Knight

Now, we question why would the victim, Cle Sloan who survived after being hit by Suge Knight's truck inform police that he assaulted him.  Was he trying to make the cops think he was brave. Suge Knight just may get off, simply because if he was physically attacked first, his defense attorney may make jurors believe it was self-defense. 

According to, Cle Sloan who was the first man hit by Suge Knight's truck in a deadly parking lot confrontation later boasted to police that he physically assaulted the rap mogul, a police report obtained by the Daily News shows.  Sloan also allegedly told police that he had a verbal dispute with Knight at a prior location about three miles away and then made a beeline for the co-founder of Death Row records when he spotted him at Tam's Burgers in Compton, Calif., a short time later on Jan. 29.
"Sloan said he contacted Knight and began to punch him through the driver side window," the report stated.
Whatever the case, Suge Knight was wrong, because whether he was attacked or not, he didn't have the right to harm and kill anyone.

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