Saturday, March 28, 2015

Jerry Heller Denies He Killed Rapper Eazy E, Allegedly Agrees He was Murdered and Responds to Accusers

Now, although this interview was recorded last year, we thought it would be very interesting for you to hear Jerry Heller's response, regarding allegations that he murdered Eazy E.  In case you don't know who Jerry Heller is, he managed and produced many rap artists back in the day.  Many of you who are from the era of the 1980's when rap music fully expressed the voice of the youth can recall it was the strength of politics.  Right before the late rapper passed away with full blown AIDS, he attended a conference at the White House.  Many feel his death was a set up and someone very close to him injected him with the fatal disease.  However, Jerry Heller denies he had any part in it, but allegedly believes someone had something to do with his death.

One of the bad things about the era of real rappers fading out is, many of them became a part of the circle to please the European socialites.  Many of them have done this so they can be in movies in Hollywood.  Therefore, whenever many of these rappers began mingling with white celebrities so much, they failed to keep their courage.  This is why we see so many of them changing their features, simply because if they depend on white America, then there is no way they can express political issues like racial discrimination.  In the late rapper, Eazy E's case, he went to the white house to make big news, allegedly.  Just listen to the second video, which insinuates he was allegedly murdered by the Illuminati.  Within a few days, he went from catching HIV to full blown AIDS, usually it takes several years for the disease to effect your body.

We advise for any music celebrity whenever wanting to keep it real in your rap lyrics, to be very careful with the company you keep. Be careful where you go and be very careful who goes with you. These days, it's not just some whites who may be out to take your life, but for years, it is has been also some backstabbing black people within the entertainment industry who have sold their souls to the Devil and will do anything to get paid by rich white people who are over their paychecks. 

In conclusion, many of you had no business being a part of this alleged demonic industry in the first place, get out of it while you still have a chance.   Rap music is no longer to empower the black community, but it is an industry that has partnered with hip hop for years. Pay attention to the first video, Mr. Heller points out that those in power within the industry cared nothing about finding who killed 3 great men in rap music: Eazy E, Tupac Shaker and Biggie Smalls.  It's time for African Americans within the industry to stop seeking fame and fortune, because many of you have lost what music is all about anyway.  Many of you do not even knows what it means to be an original artist, but you continue to copy music legends in the past and lack creativity. Meanwhile, there is no power among African Americans and racial discrimination is on the rise while our race is yet dividing and lacking love, respect and unity. Most of our youth do not even know what real music is all about, because too many elders within the music industry have sold their souls to the Devil and create their songs according to what white America expects, not what empowers our people. It's sad, but it's very true.

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