Monday, September 22, 2014

A Tip May Reveal Rapper Tim Dog Is Not Dead!!



Now, don't you recall us giving you the very recent report Tim Dog is most likely yet alive, but he couldn't fool us?  Now you are going to have to read our source's article, someone feels Tim dog could be living off of someone's identity.  Now, we know the FBI are too smart to believe he's dead.   

According to, someone received a tip from Australia source that led me to believe Blair was still alive and reporting on utility and other reports.  Note: Remember, he already was allegedly defrauding his ex-girlfriend's personal account?

Ladies and gentlemen, we believe real soon more evidence will come out that Time Dog is alive.  Again, we ask you if he's dead, what happen to his ashes?  Also, why didn't hospice in Atlanta call police when he was there? God bless.

Tim Dog may really still be alive and living under a stolen identity?

By K.B. Tindal

Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer This Tim Dog story is never-ending, so it seems, as more and more comes out about it. In many ways, this plays out like a...Read full article, here. 



Friday, September 19, 2014

Celebrity News: Pharrell Williams Says People Who Do Not Believe In God Are ‘Incredibly Arrogant and Pompous’

Pharrell Williams allegedly says people who don't believe in God are 'incredibly arrogant and pompous'.  He also says he believes in the universe.  Obviously, Williams knows there would be no universe without God.   We certainly thank God for this music artist speaking out.  Of course, we've heard music artists out in the world, giving honor to God, but to just talk about Him as though He really knows Him, amazes us, just take a moment read what he said below:
“With no conversation there’s no conversion,” he said.

“With no conversion, there’s no conviction. And with no conviction, there’s only confusion. You understand what I’m saying? If you don’t believe there is a change that is due to you then you will never, ever find it. Change won’t come and tap you on the shoulder. You have to be open for change.”
Praise God, in the meantime, we will continue to keep Pharrell Williams in our prayers and that he will continue to be a witness for Christ.
"With no conversation there's no conversion," he said.
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"With no conversion, there's no conviction. And with no conviction, there's only confusion. You understand what I'm saying? If you don't believe there is a change that is due to you then you will never, ever find it. Change won't come and tap you on the shoulder. You have to be open for change."
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Pharrell Williams Says People Who Do Not Believe In God Are ‘Incredibly Arrogant and Pompous’

Popular singer and music producer Pharrell Williams recently revealed that he believes in God, asserting that it’s “incredibly arrogant” to deny the existence of a...Read full article, here.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Mystery of Rapper Tim Dog's Death Is Solved? We Still Believe He's Alive!!!

Just study the above funeral program, it says, 'Family Request, No Media Inside the Church'.  Why wouldn't the family want to hide Tim Dog's funeral when they knew police was looking for him?  It seems like that would be the best time for them to allow the media inside to see that the guy is dead for real.  Also, his body was cremated, it seems like Tim Dog got off pretty easy.  Okay, where's his ashes?  If his relatives got his ashes, allow investigators to hire a forensic scientist to take the DNA.  Honestly, we feel the investigation should be go much further and this cold case shouldn't be closed. 

It's easy for a person to pay off people to hush up about cosmetic surgery after you pay them off.  Have you ever seen the old movie, starring Pam Grier, 'Friday Foster?'  The love of the main character's life had cosmetic surgery when he knew he was in trouble with some very important people.  However, it caught up with him in the end, because Coffy's dope attic brother was smart enough figure out his identity. Therefore, he was not able to live out his days before they actually killed him.

Tim Dog may have fooled police, but he hasn't fooled us.  We feel it in our guts, this guy is still alive.  It's very cunning for his family to reveal through a funeral home that his body was cremated.  Now, tell us, why was his body cremated after his death?  Why couldn't they just keep his body so police could see he actually was dead?  You know, a lot of times, there are some investigators who settle the case as though someone is dead, because they really don't want to do more work in finding the person, especially if money is involved and they could have been paid off.  We're not crazy, Tim Dog is most likely alive.  Are you falling for the alleged lie that he's dead? Here's another point, Dog's family claim he was in a Hospice in Atlanta, if that was true, the officials would have easily called police and turned him in, regardless of his illness.  Again, we're not crazy and we certainly don't believe Tim Dog is dead.

The Mystery of Rapper Tim Dog's Death Is Solved

He was an acclaimed rapper from the streets of the Bronx who fired one of the opening shots in the East Coast/West Coast rapper feud of the 90’s. 

But in 2011 Timothy Blair – the hip hop artist whose nom de mic was Tim Dog -- was exposed as a...Read full article, here.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Celebrity News: GRL Singer Simone Battle's Death Ruled a Suicide

This young lady's death is so sad, but the truth is many African Americans in the music and movie industry are very unhappy.  In our opinion, many black singers that are a token in mostly white groups suppress their feelings.  Now, we don't know why Simone Battle allegedly committed suicide, but it can't be easy to be the only black person in any group. Many times, famous black celebrities who associate themselves within a white dominated group smile when they are miserable on the inside.   

Many times, they deny who they are as a black person in order to be accepted by their white peers.  However, there could have been another reason why Battle committed suicide, it's just something we're tired of seeing and gives you something to think about.   Every since, Dr. Martin Luther King won our equal rights in America, too many black people have accepted being the only black in a mostly white circle. 

In order to be successful, some sell their souls and some avoid identity of their black roots, not saying this about Simone Battle.  Some forget their black heritage and some even change themselves within and even their outer appearance in order to be liked and accepted, which is emotionally unhealthy. 

Simone Battle had her whole life ahead of her, but for some reason the demon of suicide haunted her. 

GRL Singer Simone Battle's Death Ruled a Suicide

The death of pop singer and former "X-Factor" contestant Simone Battle, a member of G.R.L., has been ruled a suicide by hanging, the Los Angeles County coroner said today. 

Lt. Fred Corral of the Los Angeles County Coroner's Department said no...Read full article, here.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Chris Brown pleads guilty to assault, tells judge, 'I am very sorry'

Chris Brown humbly asked the judge to forgive him for assault. You know, several months ago when saw a different man, but since we heard Brown has committed himself to Christ and read his Bible in rehab, we see a totally different man.  Of course, no one is perfect, we all make mistakes, but we see a different man.  We don't think Chris Brown would have apologized before he was in rehab several months ago. 

Chris Brown pleads guilty to assault, tells judge, 'I am very sorry'

By Alan Duke, CNN

(CNN) -- Chris Brown pleaded guilty to simple assault Tuesday to settle a case stemming from a sidewalk fight at a Washington hotel last October.

"I'm sorry, I am very sorry," Brown told the judge in the brief hearing in a District of...Read full article, here.