Monday, September 22, 2014

A Tip May Reveal Rapper Tim Dog Is Not Dead!!



Now, don't you recall us giving you the very recent report Tim Dog is most likely yet alive, but he couldn't fool us?  Now you are going to have to read our source's article, someone feels Tim dog could be living off of someone's identity.  Now, we know the FBI are too smart to believe he's dead.   

According to, someone received a tip from Australia source that led me to believe Blair was still alive and reporting on utility and other reports.  Note: Remember, he already was allegedly defrauding his ex-girlfriend's personal account?

Ladies and gentlemen, we believe real soon more evidence will come out that Time Dog is alive.  Again, we ask you if he's dead, what happen to his ashes?  Also, why didn't hospice in Atlanta call police when he was there? God bless.

Tim Dog may really still be alive and living under a stolen identity?

By K.B. Tindal

Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer This Tim Dog story is never-ending, so it seems, as more and more comes out about it. In many ways, this plays out like a...Read full article, here. 



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