Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Mystery of Rapper Tim Dog's Death Is Solved? We Still Believe He's Alive!!!

Just study the above funeral program, it says, 'Family Request, No Media Inside the Church'.  Why wouldn't the family want to hide Tim Dog's funeral when they knew police was looking for him?  It seems like that would be the best time for them to allow the media inside to see that the guy is dead for real.  Also, his body was cremated, it seems like Tim Dog got off pretty easy.  Okay, where's his ashes?  If his relatives got his ashes, allow investigators to hire a forensic scientist to take the DNA.  Honestly, we feel the investigation should be go much further and this cold case shouldn't be closed. 

It's easy for a person to pay off people to hush up about cosmetic surgery after you pay them off.  Have you ever seen the old movie, starring Pam Grier, 'Friday Foster?'  The love of the main character's life had cosmetic surgery when he knew he was in trouble with some very important people.  However, it caught up with him in the end, because Coffy's dope attic brother was smart enough figure out his identity. Therefore, he was not able to live out his days before they actually killed him.

Tim Dog may have fooled police, but he hasn't fooled us.  We feel it in our guts, this guy is still alive.  It's very cunning for his family to reveal through a funeral home that his body was cremated.  Now, tell us, why was his body cremated after his death?  Why couldn't they just keep his body so police could see he actually was dead?  You know, a lot of times, there are some investigators who settle the case as though someone is dead, because they really don't want to do more work in finding the person, especially if money is involved and they could have been paid off.  We're not crazy, Tim Dog is most likely alive.  Are you falling for the alleged lie that he's dead? Here's another point, Dog's family claim he was in a Hospice in Atlanta, if that was true, the officials would have easily called police and turned him in, regardless of his illness.  Again, we're not crazy and we certainly don't believe Tim Dog is dead.

The Mystery of Rapper Tim Dog's Death Is Solved

He was an acclaimed rapper from the streets of the Bronx who fired one of the opening shots in the East Coast/West Coast rapper feud of the 90’s. 

But in 2011 Timothy Blair – the hip hop artist whose nom de mic was Tim Dog -- was exposed as a...Read full article, here.

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