Friday, March 6, 2015

Celebrity News: Rapper Jay Z’s $56M Bid To Buy European Streaming Service Rejected

We assume, because Jay-z's a billionaire, he could bid to buy many companies, but in the case of a European streaming service, his millions was rejected.  Of course, all Jay-z has to do is start his own streaming service company and increase his earnings.  He's very intelligent when it comes to business so it does not surprise us what he may do.

According to,in late January of this year, Jay Z made headlines after he put in a rather hefty bid of $56 million to obtain European streaming service Aspiro to do as he pleased. Unfortunately Swedish newspaper Dagens Industri is reporting that company’s 10 percent minority shareholders (of all people) are punting Shawn Carter’s bid all the way to the rafters, no sooner after Aspiro’s board of directors recommended the deal to be approved without question. It is being said that the shareholders were dissatisfied with the terms of the deal and allowing the powers that be to regroup and get another one tailored to their liking. 

 We will keep you posted on any further information, if we receive it.

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