Sunday, February 22, 2015

Stacey Dash Defend Hip Hop and Disagrees with Geraldo

Awesome, we have to say we sort of agree with Stacey Dash, most of the time we do.  At first, we were sort of agreeing with Geraldo about the damage Hip Hop has done and to some degree, we still say so.  However, on the other hand, according to Dash, she is Damon Dash's cousin, something we never knew.   Of course, it is a way for black men to make money, but they do need to clean up most of the messages, some of them need to stop looking and acting like thugs, some of the black male and black female artists need to stop bleaching their skin and many of the women need to put more clothes on, so hip hop can be seen in a more positive light.   As for Juan Williams, he's lost, since when did Gerald become a 'brother', he knows nothing about being a black man.  God bless.

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