Friday, March 20, 2015

Rapper 50 Cent To Stand Trial For Posting Woman’s Sex Tape On YouTube

Now, we don't know how any sex tape could be allowed on You Tube.  You Tube usually has restrictions. So we ask you how was 50 Cent able to allegedly post a video of a woman's sex tape? 

According to, 50, real name: Curtis Jackson, 39 is slated to testify in court for putting a video of Lastonia Leviston, who has a child with rapper Rick Ross, on his YouTube channel. The video got more than 3.2 million viewers. In 2010, Leviston sued Jackson for emotional distress, after he posted a video of her having sex with a former boyfriend, Maurice Murray. Apparently Murray gave Jackson the tape.

We hope all goes well for Lastonia Leviston.

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