Monday, February 25, 2013

Hip Hop Celebrity News: Jury finds Atlanta rapper not guilty in rival musician's death

Vinson Hardimon, goes by the name Young Vito was charged in the murder death of his rival, Mario Hamilton, known as Slim Dunkin.   In December 2011, Vito was facing 25 years in prison, but now the jury has found him not guilty of the crime.   We do not know if you keep up with Atlanta news, but when Slim Dunkin was murdered it was all over the internet. This is very sad, after the death of many successful black men in the hip hop/rap music industry, many still have not learned how to love and respect each other.   The fact that many continue to die young should be a wake up call, but for some reason, it seems many proceed with malice and never avoid conflict.  

Whether Young Vito is really guilty or innocent in the shooting death of his rival, Slim Dunkin or not, we just hope he chooses to avoid gun violence in the future. 

Gun violence never solves anything and God does not bless us with life to retaliate against each other, for no reason.

This is a young life wasted, Mario Hamilton aka Slim Dunkin was only 24 years old.  May he rest in peace.

Jury finds Atlanta rapper not guilty in rival musician's death

ATLANTA — An Atlanta rapper has been found not guilty of murder in the 2011 shooting death of a rival musician.

Vinson Hardimon, who uses the name Young Vito, appeared in Fulton County Superior Court Monday. Hardimon was convicted of aggravated assault and weapons charges...Read full article, here.


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