Monday, April 8, 2013

Hip Hop News: Too Short Charged with Four Misdemeanors

LA born rapper, Too Short aka Todd Anthony Shaw has been charged with four misdemeanors, after DUI in LA.   In case you don't recall, Too Short ran from police, possibly after he learned he was going to be arrested.   In our previous article, we gave you thoughts about him running from the cops at his age of 46.  

No wonder we do not have many young black men growing into maturity, they don't have many positive examples.   We wish there were some positive examples of black men within the rap industry, but we cannot think of any.    This is why we do not agree with the hip hop/rap movement, because in our opinion, it has crippled young black America.  We say the same for black female hip hop/rap artists, we need more positive examples and if it can't be, just quit that particular genre, all together.  Something is wrong with any individual who is running away from his troubles, instead of dealing with it. 

Really HHE readers, does it look right for a man to be almost 50 years old running from police?  It is time that you realize the riddle along with the beat to the tune of music is just not going to make positive examples among African Americans, not ever.

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Too Short
CHARGED After Crazy
Cut & Run DUI Arrest

Too Short has been charged with FOUR misdemeanors stemming from his recent DUI arrest ... when he tried (and failed) to make a last minute escape by fleeing from cops.

TMZ broke the story ... the rapper was popped on March 20 in L.A. on suspicion of DUI. He tried to cut and run from cops...Read full article, here.

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