Friday, July 26, 2013

Celebrity News: Rapper DMX Arrested for DUI

It seems like Rapper DMX can't get his life together.  Can you believe he's been arrested again for DUI.  As we inform you readers all the time, a lot of these rappers are always getting in trouble, simply because they don't take their lives seriously.   What's worse, they are not setting an example to our youth.
According to, DMX has more than a dozen arrests under his belt now -- and was last busted in February for driving without a license, also in South Carolina where he lives now.

Much as DMX gets into trouble, it would not surprise us if something very bad happens to him.  He can't continue to keep on living dangerously and expect to live a long life.  He has to admit he has a problem first, then make a vow he will be a better person.  However, it seems many rappers like him are blinded to recovery and refuse to be good people, because they do not want to be looked at as "square."
DMX Yes, It Happened Again ... Arrested for DUI

DMX must have a standing reservation at jail -- the rapper was busted this morning for DUI in South Carolina.

Highway patrol picked up DMX -- real name Earl Simmons -- Friday around 3 AM ET for allegedly driving under the...Read full article, here.
DMX Arrested And Thrown In Jail AGAIN For Driving

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