Friday, November 1, 2013

Black (Music) Celebrities Who Hate Themselves Are Going to Hell

We want you to know this old issue still should be a wake up call in black America, because it's very tiring to hear repeatedly black people complain about things not being fair because of race while these black celebrities are selling their souls.   We want you to take a close look and place the blame where it belongs, because the truth is, black celebrities who have changed themselves to make more money are at fault.   African Americans whom are dumb enough to idolize these celebrities are to blame too.   White America is no longer to blame in the 21st century, if black people refuse to love themselves.  Furthermore, since the death of Michael Jackson, black men and women are still making a fool of themselves, looking like clowns!!

If you're still mad because white people have more and we as blacks have less, stop blaming them.   You have a choice to love or hate yourself.   If the music and movie industry is this toxic to black celebrities, then they should have long gotten out of it, many years ago.  There is no excuse for looking like a clown for fame and fortune, just because many black people may hate dark skin and other Afrocentric features.  Too much of this foolishness has ruined the mindset of black people.   Of course, we know about the emotional pain a lot of black men like Biggie allegedly caused Lil Kim when they choose black women like Faith Evans, but-Lil Kim is responsible for making a choice to love herself and not sell her soul and her natural beauty to the music industry.   

As Professor Griff allegedly talks about, too many black celebrities have sold their souls and have no morals.  Many African Americans who look up to these famous black celebrities began to hate who they are and it evolves within families, which is toxic to all generations.  If you want to know the truth, many insecure black celebrities are to blame for inferiority complex within black America.   Black celebrities should have never wanted to be famous so bad, they would give a silent message to African Americans that to be black is ugly.

As intelligent African Americans, we should no longer support these black superstars or honor them, if they have sold their souls and trashed their beauty.  What has happened to black America, is our race has not been real.   Hollywood and the music entertainment industry has became god and many black people have chosen not to worship the real God.   Eternal hell is waiting for all of these black celebrities who have changed themselves for any reason.  The after shots are not how God created them to be and there is no excuse.  Furthermore, the more they have done this to themselves the more they have given Europeans power and taken it from the black community.

We ask you, how come famous black music and movie celebrities could not create their own industry without allegedly changing themselves to look more European?   Why couldn't they depend on their own salaries without going through plastic surgery and allegedly selling their souls?   If they had of chosen to love their natural beauty, what would African Americans be like today?   We bet many of them would not be living confused and dying on their way to their destination, eternal hell.

If you continue to blame whites and other races for being on top, stop blaming them, place the blame where it belongs.   The mindset of many black celebrities has ruined black families, black marriages and young children.  God is very angry at many African Americans who idolize them, instead of worshiping Him.  God is very angry at these black celebrities who have allegedly changed themselves for fame and fortune and allegedly sold their souls.  As a whole, most African Americans will never have power, because too many black music and movie celebrities gave it all away when they threw away their natural beauty to be liked and honored by the European society.

In conclusion, it hasn't been just drugs and weapons that have killed black people, it has been the silent hatred among many famous black celebrities.


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