Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Celebrity News: Rapper Young Jeezy arrested again in 3 weeks

Allegedly, Rapper Young Jeezy threatened to end his son's life.  If this is true, it's very sad and we cannot understand why Rapper Young Jeezy would do such a thing.   Too many young black males (and females) are raised without their fathers, the least he could do is love his son, because he's blessed to be in his life. 

According to, Jeezy's son told police the ordeal started at an Atlanta apartment in September 2012 after he sent a text message to his father.

In the meantime, we will keep you posted on any further news about Rapper Young Jeezy's arrest.

Rapper Young Jeezy arrested ... again

By Holly Yan and Alan Duke, CNN
(CNN) -- Less than three weeks after Young Jeezy turned himself in after allegedly beating up and threatening to kill his teenage son, the rapper has been arrested again.

Alpharetta, Georgia, police spokesman George Gordon confirmed the new arrest to...Read full article, here.
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