Monday, July 28, 2014

Celebrity News: Young Oakland Father Claims to be Youngest Son of El Debarge and Pebbles

Now, according to various sources this young father who resides in Oakland, California allegedly claims he was disowned by his alleged parents: El Debarge and Pebbles.  Recently, Tian McKissack is coming out with a tell all book about being neglected by both celebrities.  However, his grandmother, Etterlene DeBarge allegedly denies his claims, according to, saying that he was never neglected by El Debarge.  If so, we ask you why is it his last name is different as though he is a cover-up?  Where did the sir name, McKissack come from, the pediatrician who he says was in the place of a father to him, according to, allegedly?

Tian seems like he's telling the truth, Pebbles allegedly attended Castlemont High School in Oakland and that's where he lives now. So we're just connecting with dots.

We just don't understand, it's so twisted.  Allegedly, he claims he was raised by Perri's (Pebbles) mother, but-El Debarge's mother allegedly claims she raised him?  Whatever the case, this young man was disowned by somebody or else he wouldn't be coming out with this book.   If this is true, he owed an apology by El Debarge and Pebbles.  Also, if this is true, why would they disown him?  Did they both want to hide the fact and forget they were intimately involved with one another?

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