Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Family grieves Oakland mother slain in apparent road-rage shooting

This is so sad, this mother, Perla Avina, 30, lost her life while sitting in the passenger's seat.  It was an argument between drivers that led up to her death, but she didn't deserve it.  According to contracostatimes.com, the tradition ended tragically this past weekend as the couple was returning home from Supermercado Mi Tierra on International Boulevard, about a mile from their East Oakland home. Police say an angry motorist sprayed gunfire into their black 1998 Toyota Camry, hitting 30-year-old Avina in the head as she sat in the front passenger seat.  

Here's a word of advice without putting the blame on this young husband and his late wife, please be careful when you are driving.  There are crazy people out there and they will kill you, just because you cut in front of them or

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Source and Photo: http://www.contracostatimes.com

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