Saturday, August 31, 2013

Celebrity News: Sean Kingston settles in alleged gang rape of teenager case

It's a shame if Sean Kingston and his former bodyguards actually raped a 22-year-old woman when she was a teenager.   He's allegedly stated he paid a fraction of $5 million to the plaintiff, because of his upcoming album release, but it still does not seem right to make a deal, if you're not guilty.  If this is true, we sincerely hope Kingston has asked this woman to forgive him for gang rape. 

According to, Kingston did acknowledge having sexual relations with the girl but said it was consensual.  It's still very wrong. 

Sean Kingston should really evaluate his life, because if this is true, he's definitely not a good example to young black men in America.   Furthermore, it sort of reminds us of R. Kelly.  Allegedly, R. Kelly was accused but he proceeded to go on with his career after being found not guilty.  Don't these music artists know there is a higher judge, although they may pay off these victims or even found not guilty?

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Sean Kingston settles in alleged gang rape of teenager case

Sean Kingston has reached a settlement.

The 23-year-old singer has reportedly tied up loose ends with, Carissa Capeloto, who is the 22-year-old girl that accused him and his former bodyguard of gang rape after a 2010 concert, a source...Read full article, here.

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