Saturday, September 14, 2013

Celebrity News: DJ Mister C admits to drag queen, transsexual trysts but denies he's gay: Hypocrite?

On this following CNN video clip Mister C says he's tired of being something he's not, but he yet denies he's gay, although admitting to transgender and transsexual trysts.   In our opinion, it seems like Mister C is a hypocrite who wants to make it okay to enjoy sex with drag queens and transsexuals, but not want to be connected to the gay community.   What's even more true, it's wrong for Mister C to be picking up prostitutes.  Does he admit that fact?

We sincerely wish Mister C would not look for sympathy for his embarrassment because the drag queen came out to discuss being picked up by him off the streets, but apologize for breaking the law as a 'John.'  It sounds like he wants rights to sleep with cross gender men and transsexuals and that could be his excuse of breaking the law to pick up prostitutes.  

Tell us what type of example is DJ Mister C to young black men and all ages in America?   Not a good example in our opinion, but an alleged hypocrite.

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