Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hip Hop News: DJ Mister Cee resigns from Hot 97 allegedly picking up a drag queen

DJ Mister Cee must be very embarassed after soliciting sex from a popular cross-dressing video-blogger named Bimbo Winehouse.   This alleged drag queen recorded an audio tape between he and Mister Cee.  He allegedly states Mister Cee must have thought he was a prostitute, but he's just a video blogger. 

According to, Lebrun, best known for introducing the world to huge hip-hop acts like Notorious B.I.G. and deejaying his "Throwback At Noon" show, denied being gay during an interview with the radio station's program director Ebro Darden last May - just a week after he was arrest for allegedly soliciting an undercover police officer who was posing as a prostitute.
Why didn't Mr. C resign after he was arrested twice before for picking up cross-dressing prostitutes? It took Bimbo Winehouse to cause him to be too embarrass to work as a DJ?  Why don't guys like DJ Mister Cee just come out of the closet and be honest about who they are, instead of hiding what they do in secret?

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DJ Mister Cee resigns from Hot 97 after being caught on video allegedly picking up cross-dressing prostitute 

Maybe he should change his name to Mister Cee-ya!

Hot 97 star DJ Calvin "Mister Cee" Lebrun abruptly resigned from the hip-hop radio station Wednesday during his morning show several hours...Read full article, here.
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