Sunday, November 9, 2014

NYC Judge says Rihanna’s Stalker Is a ‘Ticking Time Bomb’

In our opinion, it's very dangerous to be a music entertainer in this era, simply because there is too much mingling with wickedness.  Therefore, many artists pay the price when these demon possessed fans began harassing them.   You see, God cannot protect you unless you choose to come over on His side and fully repent.   Not judging Rihanna, but she's got a stalker who a judge in NYC say is very dangerous, in his own words.   Do you know what this means?  Anything tragic could occur, because the mind of this individual must be extremely evil.

According to, Marrazzo said McGlynn, 54, wrote a series of notes to the singer that made references to murder and sexual assault. He also accused Rihanna and other artists of using his material in their songs, the judge said.

We pray to God nothing happens to Rihanna, so we will continue to keep her and others in the music industry in our prayers. 

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Source and Photo: Reuters 

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