Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Why Solange Knowles Wedding Revealed She is a Better Example for Black Women Than Beyonce

In our opinion, Solange's wedding was one to remember for every black woman in America.  We don't mean to respect her sister, Beyonce in any way, but we think Solange not being ashamed to be original is something that every black women should admire.  We don't need any more famous black women on the forefront pleasing white America, but only revealing God's original image.  For her wedding, she did not change herself.  Her hair was natural and she doesn't seem to lighten her skin, ever.  She's just who she is, an original black woman.   Many of you know, she married her 51-year-old husband just the other day and the wedding may not have been a traditional wedding and maybe she revealed just a bit too much bosom, but the main thing is that she was herself.  She revealed God's original creation as a black woman.

Source and Photo: The Root

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