Monday, May 27, 2013

Hip Hop Examiner's take on Tim Dog Faking His Own Death

Many of you probably saw the coverage on "Dateline" of Tim Dog aka Tony Blair owing a woman over 2 million dollars can recall how serious that case was.   One of the thing's we've noticed since he's supposed to be dead is that his website is still up as though he is yet alive.   Of course, we've seen a few other dead music artists whom yet have their websites up by record companies, but Tim Dog supposedly is broke and very dead since last Valentine's day.

Strangely, Tim Dog's family never revealed a death certificate or any proof of his burial.   Even his good friend refused to speak at his funeral, because his family did not even show him any proof of his death.   

Before you look at this following news coverage of the prosecuting attorney speaking out about Tim Dog allegedly faking his death.   Go see his website @, there is no mention of his death.  The wording still sounds like he yet is walking around somewhere: " Tim is currently at the helm of Rap Legends Recordings based in Atlanta, Georgia. Tim has been performing and producing various projects like Project X "Iconic" and the American Gangstaz "The Indictment."   Do you feel he is still alive, because his website is still active?

In case, you've missed the news coverage, regarding Tim Dog's fake death


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