Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hip Hop News: Late Rapper Tim Dog's Mysterious Death, Arrest Warrant Issued

Although, Tim Dog aka Tony Blair is supposed to be dead after a seizure, but there is no death certificate to prove it.  There is no proof of him being buried at any cemetery and nobody has mentioned where he died, according to  It should be obvious he's hiding out somewhere, we're not crazy.

Mississippi prosecutor Steven Juber has opened up a case against the rapper, after not able to find proof of his death.  The reason why Juber needed evidence is because back in 2011, Juber was convicted of grand larceny.  Allegedly, he targeted a woman by the name of Ester Pilgrim for money that he claimed would be used to resurrect his music career.

We sincerely hope Juber and investigator find Tim Dog, because he needs to come clean for what he has done to this lady and now, faking his own death.

Arrest warrant issued for 'late' rapper Tim Dog

An arrest warrant has been issued for veteran rapper Tim Dog three months after his alleged death.

The New York native, real name Timothy Blair, was a longtime diabetes sufferer and was widely reported to have passed away on...Read full article, here.

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