Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hip Hop News: 13-year-old rapper Lil Mouse accused of threatening third grader

This is a shame, this 13-year-old rapper, Lil Mouse aka Dwayne Wade we never heard of threatened to kill a third grader, which is half his age.  You know, bullies always threaten people much smaller than them, never do they attack others whom are the same size or older.  Actually, his show name fits who he is and he should not be going around threatening young kids and no one else. 

Whomever is the parent of Lil Mouse, they ought to be ashamed of themselves allowing him to rap.  Why not make him study and when he's 16 years old, get a a part time job?   Rapping is not teaching him a thing about respect.  According to, there were shots this past March at Lil Mouse house party.   Where is this youngster's parents?  Who is raising him, because he seems to have too much control to have a house party at such a young age.  

The grandmother of this third grader says she already lost one child, she's not about to lose another.  On the following video, you will hear her discuss how she has been threatened by even some parents of gangsters.

HHE readers, we need to start sending a word out to parents not to allow their children to get involved with hip hop and rap music, because it seems as though they want quick money and the dangerous lifestyle that goes with it.  Furthermore, if these parents of these alleged gangsters would have God in their lives, then young teens like Lil Mouse would probably think twice about picking on other kids.

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Chicago News and Weather | FOX 32 News 

13-year-old rapper Lil Mouse accused of threatening third grader

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) -He's known for his age, size and lyrics. Now, rapper Lil Mouse is accused of threatening to kill a boy nearly half his age.
The boy's grandmother says her 8-year-old is scared and doesn't want to go back to West Pullman Elementary School.

She filed a police report earlier this week...Read full article, here.

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