Monday, October 7, 2013

Celebrity News: Tameka Foster takes Usher Raymond back to court again

Tameka Foster is not giving up yet, she is taking Usher to court again, because she allegedly feels he's not being a responsible father to their children.   We can't say we blame her, after-all she did give birth to those kids.  The least Usher could do is share custody and be completely fair to her.

According to, Usher has primary custody of their two sons ... but she says he's supposed to make important family decisions with her especially decisions about  schooling, travel and activities. 

We pray for Tameka and Usher and sincerely hope God takes authority over the situation.
Usher vs. Tameka
If You Won't See Me...
I'll See You In Court

Usher's ex-wife, Tameka, wants a judge to punish him for being a lousy dad who does whatever the hell he pleases with their kids and makes her life a living hell ... this according to court documents she's filed in Georgia.

The problem ...  she says ... back in July, Usher stormed out of a co-parenting class...Read full article, here.

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