Sunday, January 18, 2015

ASAP Yams, Hip Hop co-founder of ASAP Mob, dead at 26

Now, we first want to lecture all of you who think when your 30, 40 or even 50 years old is too old.  Too many people complain, every-time they grow another year old when there are younger people dying all around us, all the time. In the case of the co-founder of ASAP Mob, ASAP Mob aka Steven Rodriguez is dead at age 26 years old.  According to, ASAP Yams, co-founder and mastermind behind the ASAP Mob crew, has died at the age of 26. No details surrounding the death are currently public, though members of the ASAP crew and fellow hip-hop artists have expressed their condolences t Yams, born Steven Rodriguez, via social media.  Be grateful for your life and stop complaining about your age and stop allowing others to put you down the older you get.  Thank God for your life, everyday.  Our condolences to ASAP Yams family.  God bless and thanks for reading.   

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