Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Rapper Kendrick Lamar Shares Why He Believes We Are Living in the End Times

Not too often do we hear of rappers discussing the end times, but Kendrick Lamar shares why he thinks so.  Of course, we are living in the last days, all types of things are happening among us.  We just pray that those within the rap music industry will take heed of what this rapper has to say, because it is so true.  According to, Kendrick Lamar recently spoke to Billboard about his views on the recent racial unrest in the United States and why he believes we’re living in the end times. Chicago MC is forthcoming and direct about his feelings as of late. He admits that he stopped drinking when he was a teenager, he works out daily and appears to be deeply rooted in his spiritual side.  Thanks for reading The Hip Hop Examiner and God bless you.

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