Saturday, January 3, 2015

Meet The Real 50 Cent Before Rapper, Curtis Jackson's Fame

This is the real 50 Cent before Curtis Jackson's fame.  Before watching this video, we always wondered how the rapper, '50 Cent' came up with his stage name. Then after watching this documentary, we wondered why he would want to identify with such a street hustler, Kelvin Martin who didn't care about anybody's life, robbing and stealing at gunpoint in the streets of Brooklyn New York. This little guy was so dangerous, people feared him.  

This is very sad, the real '50 Cent' lived a very short life, born in 1964 and died in 1987.  This goes to show, a lot of our people in the whether they are in the hip hop/rap business or just your ordinary street hustler never learn, 'how you live is how you will die.'

On the video, you will hear Jimmy 'Henchman' Roseman and other talk about how they knew the real 50 cent, Kelvin Martin.  However, it may surprise you how they seem to be so proud to have met him.

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