Saturday, January 3, 2015

Republican Arizona schools chief Claims Hip-Hop class violates state ban on ethnic studies

Now, possibly this maybe a good thing for this hip hop class to be removed from Arizona schools, simply because these days, some hip hop artists are not writing positive lyrics to motivate our youth.  Now, years ago, if 2pac was alive today and Public Enemy were still politically rapping about racism, possibly it would be good for this era. (Although, we know some rappers like 2pac or Public Enemy were not perfect, at least there was always something positive that left us something to think about.) However, a lot of artists these days are disrespecting humanity not just by the lyrics that go along with their tunes, but the way they dress. Furthermore, most hip hop artists have allegedly sold their souls to the Devil.  So, what good is it for the youth to study hip hop music?

According to the, Arizona Daily Star reported: John Huppenthal said in a letter released on Friday that the Tucson Unified School District has until March 4 to remove the courses, along with other “culturally relevant” classes, or risk losing 10 percent of its funding.

We will give you more coverage about this subject if or whenever we receive it. Thanks for reading The Hip Hop Examiner and God bless.

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