Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hip Hop Celebrity News: Fugees Video Director Faces Over 100 Years In Prison, On Trial For Impregnating Daughters

Aswad Ayinde of Paterson, N.J. is on trial for impregnating three of his daughters.  If you do not recall who this man is, he directed the Fugees video, 'Killing Me Softly.'  Somewhere in his life, Ayinde must have lost his mind, comparing himself to Michael Jackson and Prince.  Get this, he also thought he was a prophet, according to his wife Beverly Ayinde.   

This hideous news of Aswad Ayinde impregnating his daughters goes down in the history of hip hop, in a negative way. Beverly Ayinde shared her horrific confession to the court and explained how her ex-husband revealed his 12-year-old daughter could be pregnant by him.   According to, “He said, ‘She could be pregnant from me,” 

Beverly testified.Allegedly, Aswad admitted to impregnating his daughters  in an attempt to create his own “blueblood” race.   HHE readers, this is such a perverted way for this man to restore the black race and there is definitely no excuse for his incestuous acts on his three daughters. 

 How could a man go from winning a MTV Video Music Award in 1996 to facing 100 years in prison for molesting his own daughters?  

Clearly, he was in full submission to demonic forces long ago. We hope and pray his daughters survive their molestation by their father and somehow put this all behind them.

Fugees Video Director On Trial For Impregnating Daughters, Facing Over 100 Years In Prison

by Latifah Muhammad (@TheLatifah) 

Aswad Ayinde, a Paterson, N.J. man on trial for charges stemming from impregnating three of his five daughters, believed that he was a prophet, according to court testimony. Beverly Ayinde, the ex-wife of the 54-year-old...Read full article, here.
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