Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hip Hop News: For First Time, the Kennedy Center Will Host a Hip-Hop Festival in 2014

This shows how much power President Barack Obama has in the White House, but also because he's good friends with Jay-z.  For the first time in history there will be hip hop artists performing at the Kennedy Center.  In 2014, there will be a hip hop Festival.  The event probably would not have ever been scheduled for next year, if we didn't have president who is fan and supports hip hop music industry.

As you know, the Kennedy Center has always been a place where most conservatives have their prestigious events.   We don't feel this news is anything to be proud of, since we have heard negative things about the industry.  Also, for many years now, black women have been disrespected by some artists who call them the 'B' word and show them similar to harlots on their music videos and at their concerts.  The female hip hop artists do not respects themselves, using profanity in their lyrics and showing too much flesh.  Furthermore, some of the male hip hop artists reveal themselves as thugs and also are not good examples for our young men today.  Therefore, we think it would be a good idea to not allow this event ever at any prestigious center.   Why not allow African American music artists whom have a lot of class and sophistication to perform?  Certainly not the ones whom so often bring us down as a people, allegedly.  It's time to show the world black people can do more than hip hop.

For First Time, the Kennedy Center Will Host a Hip-Hop Festival in 2014

Hip-hop artists including rappers Nas and Somalia-born K'naan will take center stage in an unexpected place next year: as part of next season at the Kennedy Center in...Read full article, here.



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