Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hip Hop News: Professor Griff Talks about President Obama, Biggie Smalls Death and Mark of the Beast

Professor Griff are educating us about what is going on among hip hop/rap artists and the New World Order.  Now, we do not know how true all this information is, but we listened to this video of him discussing how the world's system is about to be set up for humanity to be forced to accept the Mark of the Beast as what is revealed in the Word of God, Revelation 13:16.  Now many of you  do not believe in God.  If there is no God and the Bible is a lie, why are we hearing so much about this chip, the Monex?

Professor Griff talks about how many celebrities have allegedly sacrificed to move up the $50 million club. Griff touches on Biggie Smalls' death and who was allegedly responsible for it.  Now, we do not know anything about this alleged blood sacrifice, but Professor Griff claims there is evidence that points to this individual, we are not going to call any names here.  He talks about a private meeting that allegedly occurred among discreet hip hip celebrities to form a distribution company for black music.  The head of this secret meeting allegedly promised so many millions of dollars to any of the four members who would take an oath for a blood sacrifice.  Now, if this is true ladies and gentlemen, no wonder many black people of this age do not have respect for each other, there have been some willing to do a blood sacrifice and kill their own  race for millions of dollars, according to Professor Griff on this following video.  You figure, if a lot of African Americans are listening to hip hop and rap, then those same demonic spirits of not caring about their own kind will go straight into music artists fans, if this is true.

To be honest with you, we cannot blame white supremacy for keeping down our race, if some hip hop/rap music celebrities have been willing to sell their soul and sacrifice other blacks within the music industry for their fame and fortune.

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