Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hip Hop News: The rapper, who co-stars in "Spring Breakers Wanted for assault

Rapper Gucci Mane is wanted by police for assaulting a soldier at a club in Atlanta.  The soldier reporter he was hit over the head by the rapper with a champagne bottle.  Something is odd about this rapper, we don't know if you recall, but in a previous report, Mane was arrested early 2011 for allegedly pushing a woman out of a car, according to  If this rapper, Mane does not get his act together, he's going to end up killing someone.     

If one becomes a rapper or a hip hop artist do you have to be violent?  If this sort of music controls you to act, violently, then then we question why people support it.

Gucci Mane Wanted for Assault: Arrest Warrant Issued

Gucci Mane is reportedly wanted by the Atlanta Police Department after a soldier claimed that he was assaulted by the rapper at a local club last week.

According to Atlanta's Channel 2 (via WSBTV), an arrest warrant was issued for the troubled MC after a...Read full article, here.



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